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Production Planning & Control

Production planning and control (PPC) are two strategies which works closely together throughout the manufacturing process.


PPC is done in three stages i.e. Pre-planning, Planning and Control.


Production planning involves what, when, how to produce and more. It is a long-term view of production planning and it is necessary to fully enhance the production flow. Under Control, the functions included are dispatching, follow up, inspection and valuation. It helps to analyse the mission of work. Production planning and control is a prearranged process which includes the use of human resource, raw materials, machines etc.


PPC is the practice to plan every step in a long series of operation. It helps you to take the right decision for growth of your business.

The reason of Production planning and control is to ensure:

  • Economical production process
  • Coordination of production process
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Materials management
  • Appointment of suitable resources for each department and much more

MSME Consulting has a team of skilled PPC Managers with a vast knowledge and expertise in Production planning and control, we can solve the organizational challenges through better strategy and help business owners excel in their trade.

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